Juan Montesinos Maldonado
(Úbeda 1914 – Madrid 1978)

He was part of a group of artists in Madrid who kept a clear independence from the abstract movement which the government supported during the 60s. His most notorious paintings are full of sincerity, with loveful and measured attention to the day-to-day. Landscapes are not the only topic, but instead there is abundance of figurative art and traditional customs. Twenty years present in national exhibitions like the Círculo 2 Gallery in Madrid (1972 – 1977), Estudio Cid Gallery of Madrid (1975), competitions and biennials.

He was invited to art shows honoring Picasso and Ángeles Ortiz. However, these did not compromise the independent purity of the work from Juan Montesinos. The most intimate Montesinos will always be remembered, with simplified shapes and suggestive colour, probably evolving from the memories and learnings from Cristóbal Ruiz.

Mirror nude

Juan Montesinos — 27 x 22 cm

Landscape III

Juan Montesinos — 29 x 39 cm


Juan Montesinos — 39 x 40 cm


Juan Montesinos — 46 x 55 cm

Racecourse, uncertain finish

Juan Montesinos — 46 x 55 cm

Jaén mountains

Juan Montesinos — 46 x 61 cm

Woman with a baby

Juan Montesinos — 55 x 46 cm


Juan Montesinos — 74 x 100 cm

Woman in front of mirror – (Models)

Juan Montesinos — 97 x 78 cm