Juan Garcés
(Pontevedra 1935 – Madrid 2014)

Born in Marín, he lived in Madrid since 1969. He travelled in Europe, Northern Africa, Brazil, the Caribbean, Hawaii, and both coasts in the United States. He lived in Equatorial Africa, Philadelphia and New Jersey. From 1970 he devoted himself fully to painting, developing his creations in his private studio and exhibiting in a range of spaces and locations.

His work has been displayed in multiple occasions in Madrid in the Kreisler Gallery(1986,1989) with an opening from the art critic Campoy; in Valencia, Bilbao, Palma de Mallorca, Córdoba, Barcelona, Zaragoza, Pontevedra, Oviedo, Gijón, El Ferrol, Cádiz Vigo, Santander, León, Alicante. Outside of Spain he has exhibited multiple times in Japan (Tokyo and Shizouka), Mexico, Venezuela, Dominican Republic and the United States (Philadelphia and New New York).

He was a founding member of the group Tago (Palma de Mallorca), a speaker in the Royal Order with a Merit Medal for the Fine Arts, finalist in the National Exhibition for the Fine Arts, and National Award for Military Painting. He’s part of the Free Academy of the Arts and Literature of San Antón. Camilo José Cela sponsored his first exhibition in Palma de Mallorca.

Some of his work currently sits in the Spanish Museum for Contemporary Art of Madrid, Museum of Contemporary Art of Barcelona, Fine Arts Museum of Granada, Camón Aznar Museum in Aragón, Naval Museum in Madrid, Zarzuela Palace, Duke Great Palace in Luxemburg, Ministry of Defense, Headquarters of the Navy, Headquarters of the Army, Koninklijk Instituut in Holland, National Court in Madrid, as well as private collections both national and international.

He was given awards such as the Medal of Merit for the Fine Arts, and sizable bibliography from critics like José Camón Aznar, A.M. Campoy, Francisco de Pablos, Carlos Senti Esteve, Antón Correa, Victoriano Cremer, José García Nieto, Rafael Romero Moliner…

Pintor Juan Garcés painter

Photo from the website Amsterdam Sur

Olives of Jaén

Juan Garcés — 22 x 16 cm

Ocher snowy landscape

Juan Garcés — 24 x 33 cm

Yellow snowy landscape

Juan Garcés — 27 x 35 cm

Green woman

Juan Garcés — 28 x 23 cm

Boy head

Juan Garcés — 32x 23 cm

Pink abstract nude

Juan Garcés — 33 x 24 cm

Yellow and gray landscape

Juan Garcés — 33 x 41 cm

Oblong blue boy

Juan Garcés — 38x 46 cm

Girl’s head

Juan Garcés — 39 x 28 cm

Antique woman

Juan Garcés — 41 x 33 cm