Pedro Marcos Bustamante
(Bilbao 1921 – Cádiz 2001)

Painter of nature and landscape; despite working across-genres there is always a starring role for natural landscapes, geological and earthly themes.

He started his preparation in the Casón del Buen Retiro. Later, he spent some time in Paris. This period did not fulfill his artistic ambition, hence he returned to Spain in 1967.

Exhibitions in Nacional in Barcelona (1960), 1st Biennial of Zaragoza (1962), International Exhibition of Madrid (1962), Nacional Madrid (1966-1969), Vancouver Cánada (1968), 1st Biennial of Bilbao (1968), 3rd Biennial of Ávila (1970), 3rd Biennial of Zaragoza (1970), 1st Biennial of Zamora (1971), 3rd Biennial of Toledo (1974), as well as exhibitions in the Rovira hall in Barcelona (1963), Roma Art Gallery in Madrid (1973), Olenka Gallery in Valladolid (1973), Adart Art Gallery in Madrid (1982).

Between 1968 and 1982 he took part in various international exhibitions, like the 1st Biennial of Contemporary Spanish Art in Galliera Museum of Paris (1968), Exhibition of the United States and Canada (1968), and the Exhibition of Contemporary Spanish Painters in Japan (1971) where he was awarded the first prize in the “Exhibition of Distinguished Spanish Painters”.

In his art there is representation of all genres: figurative, landscape, portrait… Marcos Bustamente portrays his renowned geological and earthly landscapes. His palette ranges from ochers to the deepest and most unrealistic blues.

Pedro Marcos Bustamante painter

Green landscape

Marcos Bustamante — 17 x 22 cm

Pink landscape

Marcos Bustamante — 17 x 26 cm

Gray sky landscape

Marcos Bustamante — 17 x 26 cm

Purple landscape and cypresses

Marcos Bustamante — 18 x 26 cm

Gray and pink landscape

Marcos Bustamante — 20 x 26 cm

Warm land

Marcos Bustamante — 38 x 46 cm


Marcos Bustamante — 50 x 35 cm

Seated boy

Marcos Bustamante — 66 x 53 cm