Enrique Padial
(Granada 1938 – 2014)

Andalusian expressionist painter, appointed as honorary citizen of Granada.

He moved to Madrid to study Aeronautical Engineering. Once finished, he returned to Granada, and decided to devote himself full time to painting, in a self-taught manner. Critics made him famous, with national exhibitions (such as the “Goya” hall in Círculo de Bellas Artes of Madrid, 1981; “La General” of Granada presented by art critic Campoy in 1998…) as well as European ones: Paris, Amsterdam, Munich, Cannes, Viena, etc.

Pintor Enrique Padial

Photo from the website Hugo Ganoza

Circus people

Enrique Padial — 17 x 16 cm

Banana trees in Almuñécar (Granada)

Enrique Padial — 60 x 73 cm

Golden antlers

Enrique Padial — 65 x 81 cm

Garden corner

Enrique Padial — 100 x 80 cm

Cherry trees in Pino Genil

Enrique Padial — 73 x 92 cm

The gentleman of the flower

Enrique Padial — 85 x 50 cm